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Visitors are always welcome. Join us for a trip through our website.
We raise, train, buy and sell quality Haflinger mares that are safe and well trained for the entire family.
About Us

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our farm.  It is our pleasure and honor to be associated with this outstanding breed. We started raising Haflingers as a retirement hobby never expecting to have our lives changed so favorably by this wonderful breed.

Our goal here at Chestnut Ridge  is to provide a safe well trained Haflinger mare for the entire family . We raise, train, buy and sell quality Haflinger mares with this goal in mind.   Chestnut Ridge Haflingers are proud members of the AHR .

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Haflingers for Sale



Haflingers  — The Native Horse of Austria

Whether you are looking for a safe family horse, a hunter jumper or a dressage horse, this wonderful breed can do it all. A native bred horse in the mountains of Austria where one horse had to fill all the families needs, their versatility was invaluable. The Haflingers as a breed are stout enough for adults but gentle enough for a child to handle. They are easy keepers,  healthy, hardy and wonderfully long lived .

If you do not see the Haflinger  you are looking for on our website please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect match for you .   We strive to place the right Haflinger in the right home .



Christine Mae

Christine  is a 10 year old registered Haflinger mare   She is trained to drive single and             double and has been used in most farm equipment .  Christine is calm and quiet and                   traffic  safe , she is in riding training now .     Please call Mike at 740 398 9382  for                    updates on Christine  or  for  help finding the perfect Haflinger for you .









Standard of Chestnut Ridge

Standard is a 4 year old registered Haflinger stallion , he was foaled here on our farm and

has been handled almost daily .  He is calm and sensible , easy to handle when breeding

mares .    Standard is trained to drive and is traffic safe .





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Australian Shepherds

We also raise Australian Shepherds  and as with the Haflingers, a good family pet is what we breed for.  Temperament is a must.

We have found the Aussies to be great family dogs. They are great with kids, very intelligent loving and loyal. Aussies get along great with other animals and make excellent watch dogs without being overly aggressive.

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